Top 5 Vitiligo Remedies

vitiligo remediesThere are many effective Vitiligo Remedies for the condition, but the best ones to try are the homemade Vitiligo Remedies involving the use of natural ingredients like herbs and natural oils. Aside from being less expensive, natural Vitiligo Remedies are also effective and safe. They are also more flexible than other kinds of Vitiligo Remedies in the sense that they are more suitable for different ages of people suffering from vitiligo. Remember that there are also cases of vitiligo even in children, and not all advanced Vitiligo Remedies are applicable and suitable for them. Here are the top five Vitiligo Remedies:

  1. Basil Leaves and Lime Juice – Basil leaves are known to help generate melanin which is responsible for skin pigmentation in the body. In fact it is used with different ingredients in other Vitiligo Remedies. To make this remedy, boil a quarter cup of Basil in 200 ml of water with five tablespoons of Lime Juice. Allow the mixture to cool then transfer it to a small container. Use a cotton ball when applying it to white patches in the skin. Visible results are known to appear in around five to six months.
  1. Radish Seed Paste – Natural Vitiligo Remedies supporters believe that radish seeds promote the restoration of melanin in the body. To make this paste, grind a quarter cup of radish seeds until it becomes powdery. Add four teaspoons of vinegar and mix it well until it becomes a sticky paste. Apply it on affected areas every day for 6 months to see positive results.
  1. Mashed Papaya or Papaya Juice – This is the simplest of all Vitiligo Remedies as it only requires mashing the papaya or juicing it and applying it on the white spots in the skin. This is also probably the safest of all Vitiligo Remedies because it consists of nothing but pure fruit which is edible and healthy and guaranteed to pose no risk for allergic reactions and harmful side effects (except for those people who happen to be allergic to Papaya).
  1. Calendula and Chamomile flowers with St. John’s Wort and Oregano – This mixture is very beneficial like many natural Vitiligo Remedies because it prevents the disease from developing into a worse condition. This remedy is best done alongside other Vitiligo Remedies to stop the growth of more white patches in the skin and therefore limit the focus only on curing the presently affected areas. Boil Calendula and Chamomile flowers, St. John’s Wort and Oregano leaves in a cup of water for fifteen minutes. Allow it to cool and then pour into two equal servings which is to be taken in the morning and evening for one month to see impressive results.
  1. Natural re-pigmentation – Exposing the skin to the sun at controlled settings is beneficial for reviving the lost pigment in the skin. UV exposure is also done in other medical Vitiligo Remedies. Try sunbathing indoors with the curtains rolled away for about an hour before sunset as well as an hour before sunset. During these times of day, the sun rays give just enough warmth to encourage the skin to start recoloring itself. Be careful in doing this though because overexposure to the sun can easily lead to blisters and sunburns. It is still best to wear protective sunscreens to avoid too much sun exposure.

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Top 3 Secrets to Cure Vitiligo Fast

cure vitiligoVitiligo is a disorder which occurs due to the malfunction of cells called melanocytes that are responsible for skin color, thereby resulting in white uneven patches in the skin. There are numerous treatments known to cure Vitiligo ranging from invasive to non-invasive medical procedures to herbal and natural home remedies. Most of the known remedies to cure Vitiligo were already tried and tested by different people but there are also a few that even vitiligo patients are not even aware of. These secret home remedies that are proven to help cure Vitiligo offer the same positive results as any other treatments. They are easy to prepare, light on the budget and do not induce negative side effects to the user.

  1. Turmeric and Mustard Oil Homemade Topical – This topical is very easy to make. Just prepare 5 teaspoons of powdered turmeric and 250 ml of mustard oil. Mix the ingredients well. Make sure to wash the affected area with soap and water and dry it completely. Apply the mixture to the affected area and continue rubbing it gently onto the skin until it is totally absorbed. Do this twice every day for optimum results to cure Vitiligo. Turmeric and mustard oil are the same ingredients used in commercial products in the form of creams and oils that help cure Vitiligo.
  1. Babchi seeds in Ginger Juice – Babchi seeds are from the Psoralea plant which is also used as the main ingredient in many medicines intended to cure Vitiligo because of its known potency. The Ginger juice is made simply by boiling about an inch of ginger in 250 ml of water. Combine the babchi seeds with the ginger juice and allow it cool before drinking. It is best to drink this in the morning before eating or drinking anything else to cure Vitiligo. Remember to use the same set of babchi seeds for three consecutive days before replacing them with fresh ones. In contrast, the ginger juice should always be freshly made every day. This solution helps to cure Vitiligo.
  1. Lemna Minor or Wild duck weed Tincture – Prepare this solution by soaking a quarter cup of wild duck weed in 500 ml of vodka. Leave the mixture as it is for an entire week. After that, remove the wild duck weed using a strainer or filter. Mix two tablespoons of water with about 6 tablespoons of the solution and drink it twice daily before taking meals. When taken regularly, this will help to cure Vitiligo.

These home remedies designed to cure Vitiligo are easy to produce and follow because the ingredients needed are readily available in the home and marketplace. Natural approach is always better in treating any kind of disease or disorder because it costs less and does not present health risks. Remember to always be careful before taking or receiving any treatment. Some people are allergic to certain substances, so extra caution should be practiced at all times.

Home therapies will be more effective to cure Vitiligo if accompanied by a healthy diet and lifestyle. Folic acid for example, which is present in vitamin B12 and vitamin C, is very effective to cure Vitiligo. Hence, eating fresh fruits and vegetables having these vitamins will be very beneficial to cure Vitiligo. Examples of these are carrot, broccoli, spinach, cucumber and cabbage. On the other hand, try to avoid consuming red meat and other meat products to cure Vitiligo. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol to complete the detoxification process which is very essential to cure Vitiligo. Have plenty of rest and avoid stress. Avoid overexposure to the sun. Apply sunscreen and wear protective clothing when going outside to shield the skin because the white patches caused by Vitiligo are very prone to sunburn and skin cancer.

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Top 3 Effective Vitiligo Treatments

vitiligo treatmentsVarious Vitiligo Treatments have already been proven effective by many people suffering from it. But while some of these Vitiligo Treatments are indeed effective, they also cause negative side effects and inconveniences to patients. Steroid therapy for instance, which is one of the examples of medical Vitiligo Treatments, is done by applying steroid creams on white patches that sometimes causes shrinkage on the skin. Depigmentation is also one of the medical Vitiligo Treatments that aims in matching the color of the rest of the body with that of the white patches to achieve a uniform skin tone. This treatment results in swelling and redness of the skin, accompanied by extreme lack of moisture and itching.

Natural Vitiligo Treatments on the other hand do not cause major unpleasant side effects because the ingredients used are mostly herbal plant and fruit extracts. Even edible spices like cumin and black pepper are used in natural Vitiligo Treatments. Among the many homemade Vitiligo Treatments, these three are the most effective:

  1. Mama Cadela Root Extract – The use of the plant Mama Candela in treating uneven white patches in the skin of vitiligo patients falls into a long old line of tradition, which makes it notable, because it has already built its reputation as one of the most effective in Natural Vitiligo Treatments. Boil the root of Mama Cadela in water and after cooling, it may be used as a topical. Dab the extract with a cotton ball and apply into affected areas in the skin until it is fully absorbed.
  1. Gingko Biloba – This herb has been widely used in treating different kinds of ailments because of its wonderful components. Since vitiligo is believed to have resulted in the malfunction of the immune system which causes the body to attack its own internal organs down to its cells (aside from the malfunctioning of melanocytes), Gingko Biloba proves its power among other substances used in other Vitiligo Treatments in fighting the disease by enhancing the immunity system. There was also a research supporting the role of Gingko Biloba in Vitiligo Treatments. In the said research, the growth of the disease in patients became controlled and was limited to a certain degree while showing signs of the darkening of the white patches in their skin. Gingko Biloba Extract may be applied directly onto skin or taken orally. It believed to give better results through ingestion than through external application.
  1. Ginger and Red Clay Paste – In many natural Vitiligo Treatments, Ginger is paired with different ingredients to make a topical or solution. One remedy instructs to mix Ginger juice with Red Clay found near rivers in the same proportions (both a teaspoonful for example). This paste is to be applied on affected areas once a day. Ginger Juice alone may also be consumed twice daily for optimum results. Slices of ginger may also be rubbed directly on to skin for a few minutes every day which is proven to cure mild cases of vitiligo.

There are many natural Vitiligo Treatments that promise impressive results. Take time in researching and learning about them before actually trying them to be safe from allergic reactions. Ask a medical professional about the effects of natural Vitiligo Treatments before undertaking any form of remedy.

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The Best Vitiligo Treatment to Cure Vitiligo Fast

vitiligo treatmentPeople with vitiligo react differently to a certain Vitiligo Treatment. What might be effective for one patient may not beneficial for another. Among the several cures, natural Vitiligo Treatment is regarded as the safest and cheapest, plus they are the easiest to produce and live by, thereby increasing the rate of continuity. The ingredients needed in producing homemade Vitiligo Treatment like seeds and roots of plants can easily be found in the kitchens of most households and if not, they can simply be purchased from the market place and grocery stores.

Of the numerous different methods in treating vitiligo using home remedies, not one Vitiligo Treatment may be singled out as the best one because the effect of different treatments varies with different people and different cases. Natural Vitiligo Treatment should be considered when deciding about the best remedy because it has very minimal side effects (like nausea, vomiting and itchiness which may be experienced when taken through ingestion) but these too can be overcome when a certain degree of familiarity is established. These side effects are a lot tolerable than those which a patient may incur by undergoing medical and surgical Vitiligo Treatment.

Excimer laser for instance is a type of Medical Vitiligo Treatment that delivers controlled beams of UVB light to small vitiligo patches in the skin. Blisters and redness are the side effects of this treatment. Surgical Vitiligo Treatments on the other hand such as Skin Grafting, which is completed by covering the white patches in the skin using pieces of skin removed from other parts of the body – may cause scarring and spotty discoloration in the skin as a result of failed attempt of the transferred skin to influence color on the vitiligo spot.

While different Medical and Surgical Vitiligo Treatments offer fast results which may either succeed or not, depending on the case and other factors, they also present anticipated health risks.

A promising breakthrough in Natural Vitiligo Treatment could have been brought by Piperine – an organic substance found in Black Pepper which contributes its sharp taste and scent. King’s College in London conducted a study about testing the effects of Piperine in mice, and proved the potency of the substance in producing dark pigmentation in the tested skin of mice. This study is yet to be developed and researched further before including as an Official Vitiligo Treatment for patients.

Presently, after summarizing everything stated here, Natural and Homebased Vitiligo Treatments are still the best options available so far. Vitiligo Treatments not only equals physical remedies, but also emotional and psychological therapy. People suffering from vitiligo are burdened emotionally due to frustration caused by their appearances, therefore causing them to withdraw themselves from society. They lose their self-esteem which influences their decisions and actions. There are even cases of suicide in vitiligo patients because of depression. Vitiligo patients should talk and bond with close members of the family and strengthen their confidence through close relationships. They should regain their self-worth and values and remember that what other people say, feel and think is entirely immaterial and should never be taken into any level of contemplation.

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Fast Vitiligo Cures to Cure Vitiligo Now

vitiligo cures

Most Vitiligo Cures focus on treating the uneven white patches in the skin to restore it to its normal color which is close to the color of or the same as the unaffected parts of the body.

A number of these reliable Vitiligo Cures include a very effective ingredient called Psoralea. This powerful herb is used in both advanced medical Vitiligo Cures and natural homemade Vitiligo Cures. In natural Vitiligo Cures, Psoralea is often combined with other natural ingredients to produce topical oils and pastes or drinking teas and syrups. A few of these homemade Vitiligo Cures are listed as follows:

  1. Psoralea and Tamarind Seed Paste – Soak both seeds in a container filled with water for four days. Dry the seeds afterwards and grind it until it turns into paste. Apply the mixture to vitiligo patches for one month. Seek expert advice regarding this treatment first before trying it.
  1. Psoralea Seed Powder – Saturate Psoralea Seeds in Ginger Juice for two to three days. After that, the seeds should be taken out, dried and ground until it turns into powder. Take one gram of this powder and drink it with milk or any kind of juice which will help cover the repelling taste of psoralea seeds. This vitiligo cure should be taken daily for two months to see visible results in the light patches.
  1. Psoralea with Coconut Oil, Barberry Roots and Black Cumin – Combine all ingredients and mix well until it produces a pasty consistency. Apply to affected areas for a period of six months. The Coconut Oil is beneficial in treating different skin conditions. The Barberry Roots aids in caring for the skin while the Black Cumin is for enhancing immunity of the body.
  1. Celery – Eating Celery is considered one of the Home Vitiligo Cures because it contains Psoralen which is beneficial for improving the reaction of the skins of people with Vitiligo to sunlight, stimulating the production of melanin in their white patches.

Another effective and commonly used ingredient in Natural Vitiligo Cures is the Wild Duck Weed. Here are a few homemade Vitiligo Cures using Wild Duck Weed:

  1. Wild Duck Weed with Honey – Combine one part of each of Wild Duck Weed Extract and Honey in a glass. Take this Solution twice daily. This remedy is regarded as one of the most effective Vitiligo Cures known to help lessen the appearance of white patches.
  1. Wild Duck Weed Juice – Boil Wild Duck Weed in water to make a juice and use as topical to be massaged in affected areas, three to four times every day.
  1. Wild Duck Weed alone may also be applied directly to white patches in the skin. Best results will follow if applied for at least five times every day.

Another example of the numerous natural Vitiligo Cures is Sesame Seed and Turmeric Powder Paste which is done by combining the two ingredients with a little amount of water and then applied to skin as a topical. There are many other excellent natural Vitiligo Cures, just be careful in choosing the appropriate treatment.

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Top 3 Vitiligo Cure Secrets

vitiligo cure

If you are suffering from vitiligo, a whitening or depigmentation disorder due to loss of the pigment-containing cells called melanocytes in the skin, you may need to know an effective treatment.  Depigmentation happens in restricted areas of the skin or on a specific side of the body. These patches commonly do not spread. If the patches are symmetrical, however, on the two sides of the body, this will go on spreading. The mucous membranes in the hair, nose and mouth may also suffer from depigmentation. In this article are the three vitiligo cure secrets you need to know to address this disorder.

Vitiligo Cure – Topical Remedies 

One vitiligo treatment option is topical ointment. This can be a steroid called cortisone and immunomodulators. If the treatment is started early, there is a great possibility that the depigmented area may be repaired.

The vitamin D derivative calcipotriene is another vitiligo cure that is applied topically.  Other creams with the immunomodulators, pimecrolimus or tacrolimus, can be used on the small affected area such as the neck and face. The side effects are lesser than that of corticosteroids but the risk however is skin cancer.  

Vitiligo Cure – Ultraviolet Remedies

Another topical medication for vitiligo cure is psoralen along with ultraviolet A, which is referred to as PUVA. This involves applying topical psoralen on the skin so that it becomes sensitive enough to receive ultraviolet A treatment. This is ideal for patients with patches less than 20% of the body.  If however the vitiligo patches are more than 20%, oral psoralen is a good vitiligo cure prior to undergoing the ultraviolet treatment. The skin would become red and then would fade into the regular skin tone. Another vitiligo cure is narrowband ultraviolet light which is not used with psoralen and can address the localized areas effectively. This is especially ideal for children.

Should the lesions not react with these therapies, bleaching agents can be used on the unaffected part of the skin. These agents include hydroquinone and monobenzone. 

Vitiligo Cure – Surgical Treatments

If topical medications and ultraviolet remedies are not effective, surgical treatments can be done for vitiligo cure which include skin grafts. This procedure involves the surgeon transplanting pigmented skin from unaffected areas to the affected one so as to conceal the depigmented part. This procedure is ideal for those with small patches only and can cause scarring.

Another surgical treatment for vitiligo cure is blister grafting where tiny blisters of tissue are acquired through suction to be transplanted. This does not produce much scarring, however, it is not always successful.  Tattooing is also considered by those people with minimal vitiligo and with dark skin. They place a tattoo on the depigmented area to cover it up.

A much modern vitiligo cure still on its experimental stage is autologous melanocyte transplant. This involves taking off a part of the normal melanocytes to utilize them in growing more cells to transplant to the depigmented areas.

Vitiligo cure can be done through any of these three treatments specified. Before undergoing any of them, it is always best to ask a doctor’s advice. Treatment should only be done with the guidance of a medical expert.

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How To Cure Vitiligo Fast

how to cure vitiligo

If your skin is losing dark pigmentation called melanin, you need to know how to cure vitiligo fast. This is a skin condition where white patches appear on the skin having irregular shapes. This condition happens when cells do not produce dark pigments anymore or when melanin dies. There are methods on how to cure vitiligo to stop its spreading and they can last for half a year to a year and a half.  

Makeup Treatment on How to Cure Vitiligo

One way on how to cure vitiligo fast is to use makeup. Makeup can camouflage the color of the skin and can tone it evenly so as to hide the skin condition or make it invisible. A patient must know how to apply makeup or using special lines of makeup to hide skin problems such as prominent scars. Theatrical makeup stores as well as online shops are the best places to look for the right makeup to conceal patches and even the skin tone.

How to Cure Vitiligo – Ointments

Another way on how to cure vitiligo is through topical ointments prescribed by doctors. When vitiligo first appears, it is best to apply corticosteroids for the color to return on the affected area.  This said treatment should be monitored by a medical expert in case side effects occur.  One such effect is the skin thinning. People with small patches of vitiligo on the neck and face have successfully used ointments having chemicals such as tacrolimus or pimecrolimus.  The truth is not much study has been done about these chemicals and there is a huge chance that skin cancer or lymphoma may occur with them. Hence it is important to have the doctor’s advice when trying ways on how to cure vitiligo.

How to Cure Vitiligo – Psoralen and UV Light

Another method on how to cure vitiligo is using phototherapy. PUVA is one such procedure which utilizes UVA light combined with the topical cream psoralen.  This treatment is done a couple of times a week in a clinic and it is ideal for those with skin depigmentation of below 20%. The procedure begins with applying psoralen on the skin half an hour before exposing it to UVA light. The skin turns pink with the combination of UVA light and psoralen. The skin eventually goes back to its original color. Side effects of this method on how to cure vitiligo include blistering and heavy sunburn. This can be lessened if one stays away from sunlight after the treatments. 

Another way on how to cure vitiligo is by taking psoralen orally. This is ideal for people with vitiligo that covers over 20% of their bodies. This medication should be taken prior to being exposed to the UVA light. The latter can be acquired through the doctor’s clinic or direct sunlight. A patient will be advised how long he must stay under the sun. Topical psoralen shall no longer be needed with oral psoralen.

How to Cure Vitiligo – Gingko

Gingko can help stop vitiligo. A patient must take 40 mgs of this thrice daily. A study showed that a few persons experienced repigmentation when taking gingko. It is best to check with a doctor and ask how to cure vitiligo with this herb, however.

These are the ways on how to cure vitiligo fast and effectively.

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