What Was the Michael Jackson Disease?

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Did you think Michael Jackson had done too much bleaching? On the contrary, some health experts say it is not just because bleaching. It is because of vitiligo, which has been dubbed as the Michael Jackson disease.

Michael Jackson

It is unlikely that you don’t know Michael Jackson but in case you don’t, he is an American music artist who is also called the King of Pop. He is also the most successful entertainer in the Guinness Book of World Records. He started as one of the members of the Jackson 5 who is composed of the other Jackson siblings.

In the 1980s, Michael Jackson was already a solo artist when many noticed that his skin color is changing. His skin was originally medium brown. When he died in 2009, his skin is already white.

Bleaching, Vitiligo and MJ

It was discovered that Michael Jackson has been bleaching to an extreme extent. His friend and biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote that MJ and his sister have been using Porcelana, a skin lightening cream.

However, MJ himself denied that he was bleaching in a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993. It was also in this interview that he revealed he has a skin disorder that’s responsible for his skin’s lightening. The autopsy of MJ’s body also confirmed that he has the disorder. Back to the interview, MJ said that he has been using makeup to even out the skin as the skin disorder results to white patches.

Vitiligo: MJ Disease

Today, vitiligo is popularly known as the Michael Jackson disease. But what exactly is vitiligo? It is a skin disorder which is characterized by abnormal pigmentation because the pigment cells die. Dark skin gets lighter. The idea of your skin getting lighter may excite most people who think white is beautiful. On the contrary, this disorder usually does not happen in the entire body. Only some parts such as face or hands may be affected. As a result, the affected area may be pink to white while the others stay in their normal color. Patients are bothered by the white patches and the first thing that comes in mind is to use makeup.

The disorder can start in childhood but some started to see the patches in their adulthood. What sets the disease of Michael Jackson apart from other skin disorders characterized by patches is that vitiligo patches are symmetrical. If you have one on the right hand, you surely have another at the left hand.

According to dermatologist, vitiligo is not contagious and can be controlled. It can also affect people with light skin although it is more pronounced if the person has a dark skin. The causes are not yet known but there is a theory that it is due to the immune system attacking the melanocytes, which are responsible for the skin’s pigments.

Do You Have Vitiligo?

According to reports, vitiligo affects only 1 to 2 percent of the world population. Are you one of them? You can know when you are affected by vitiligo if you have white patches on the hands and/or feet. They start as small white patches. When not controlled, the patches grow bigger and the shape goes from circular to irregular. Other parts that may be affected are the genitalia and face particularly around the eyes, nostrils and mouth.

Can Vitiligo Be Treated?

Studies show that vitiligo makes patient really depressed and self-conscious. Nonetheless, there are many ways to treat vitiligo although most of them are expensive. For instance, experts suggest that mild vitiligo can be controlled by re-pigmenting. On the other hand, worse cases can be treated by de-pigmenting the rest; the unaffected skin to achieve uniformity.  Some also introduce topical and natural treatments for the Michael Jackson disease.

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Vitiligo Michael Jackson – Did He Have It?

vitiligo michael jackson

Many myths and rumors are associated with Michael Jackson’s color change. He was widely reprimanded by the people and media for turning his back on African origin. He was accused of trying to appeal to a wider audience by bleaching his skin and becoming white. As the misleading rumors became intolerable, Michael Jackson admitted the truth on an Oprah show. He had a disease that turned his normally brown skin into white. Vitiligo Michael Jackson was also diagnosed with lupus. Both diseases promote loss of skin pigmentation.

Vitiligo is a skin disease that can affect one of two hundred fifty people all over the world. The case commonly starts from the age of ten up to thirty years old. Genetics play a major role in this disorder. Family history of the disease affects thirty percent of the patients. Seeing that in the case of Vitiligo Michael Jackson, It runs in the family.

Vitiligo is known as an autoimmune disorder. The immune cells in the body assaults and destroys the cells in the skin which contain melanin color pigments. The cause of the disease is usually associated with stress, trauma to the skin or other disorders. Sometimes, vitiligo appears on a small area and stays inactive for some time. Thirty percent of the patients claimed that the disease may impulsively weaken through the years and the white patches may heal. However as in the case of Vitiligo Michael Jackson, the disease will progress and white patches will continue to appear even with treatment.

Vitiligo Michael Jackson is a chronic disorder which makes response to treatment varies. Presence of other autoimmune disorders like lupus erythematosus or thyroiditis is associated as early signs of the disease. Other diseases such as uncontrolled stress, diabetes, black hair turned white and also lips, toe tips, fingertips and genitals can also be suspicious prognosis of Vitiligo Michael Jackson.

Vitiligo Michael Jackson started happening on his skin when he was on his early twenties. He also had lupus back then and was subjected to constant stress by his career. This was a suspected reason why treating the disorder did not progress. However, Michael Jackson did not let vitiligo hinder his success. He made record breaking music hits despite the constant stress and pressure of being an artist with a skin disease. It could have made him depressed and angry at the world but instead he gave the world so much love with his music.

To make everything work out in the end, Vitiligo Michael Jackson coped by getting his skin de-pigmented to even out the color, thus getting rid of the long makeup hours. The chemical used for this process caused permanent loss of skin pigments. However, without the melanin, the skin becomes more prone to sunburns. Because of this, he had to wear clothes that would cover most of his body. His staples were long sleeves, a hat and even sun glasses. Vitiligo is not a curable disease. It is not harmful and contagious. Myths surrounding Vitiligo Michael Jackson need not hinder anyone’s dreams as it did not hinder his.

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Top 5 Vitiligo Natural Remedies

vitiligo natural remediesNatural remedies are what people must be striving to have as treatment for different types of ailments and disorders. Too much intake of the toxic pharmaceutical products would not only strain your body, but might also cause a lot of disturbances and side effects. This goes the same for patients with vitiligo. Nowadays, there are a lot of researches that support the idea of vitiligo natural remedies to treat the disorder and the symptoms it produces.

Having vitiligo is indeed not a pleasant experience. You’ll often be subjected to criticisms and disparagements. Eyes that mock would often meet yours and the hatred for your skin would slowly build up in your heart. Of course, this is not your fault. However, you cannot do anything but to accept it and do something about it. As mentioned earlier, even in the comfort of your own home, you’ll get to do something about your patches. This is the power that vitiligo natural remedies bequeaths you with. Here’s the top five vitiligo natural remedies that would help you be a person with normal skin.

  1. Diet

Diet modification has been used for all ailments. This includes foods that would generally help you strengthen your immune system. It also pertains to foods that may aggravate the disease you’re currently having. As part of the vitiligo natural remedies, the diet to be employed must be that of a balanced one with more focus on vegetables, fruits and nuts. Less salt is also advisable as well as more intake of olive oil, black pepper and green tea, which are all beneficial for the body whichever way you look at it.

  1. Lifestyle Change

Vitiligo is known to be triggered by different inappropriate lifestyle practices like smoking and alcohol consumption. Thus, as one of the vitiligo natural remedies, this entails that cessation from these practices must be seriously considered and made. Also, emotional stress likely prompts development of vitiligo as well. Therefore, as part of the vitiligo natural remedies, you must also do your best to prevent stress and keep away from stressors.

  1. Boosting Immune System

Since vitiligo is considered an immune dysfunction, vitiligo natural remedies entail that you must then do ways to boost your immune system and prevent further progression of the disorder. Vitamin B-complex, folic acid and Vitamin C are all immune boosters that would generally aid you in preventing various diseases and infections. This is an integral part of vitiligo natural remedies.

  1. Natural herbs

A lot of herbs are used as vitiligo natural remedies. This includes Ginkgo Biloba, St. John Wort, Lemna Minor and a whole lot more. The preparation of each differs from one another to yield the best results as vitiligo natural remedies. A lot of herbs are available in the market. However, the effect greatly depends on the person’s sensitivity on such herbs.

  1. Skin Protection

Harmful rays of the sun must be avoided, and sunblocks are strictly prescribed for all vitiligo patients as part of the vitiligo natural remedies, whether staying outdoors or indoors. This shall prevent damage from the sunlight and UV rays. Also, cuts and bruises must be avoided as sites for these would most likely generate occurrence of the vitiligo patches.

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Top 3 Vitiligo Home Remedies

vitiligo home remediesVitiligo or Leucoderma is a disorder of the skin that causes eruption of white patches anywhere on the body. This is caused by the destruction of the melanocytes brought about by various predisposing factors. Melanocytes are the cells responsible for the production of melanin which in turn causes pigmentation over the skin. These cells are evenly distributed on the skin. However, in vitiligo, there are certain parts wherein the melanocytes are destroyed causing white patches on that specific area. This is rather a perilous thing to happen as melanin is ought to protect the body from the harmful UV rays. Therefore, vitiligo home remedies must be employed. Here are some of the best natural herbs to use as vitiligo home remedies.

  1. Lemna Minor

Lemna minor or also known as wild duckweed is one of the best natural vitiligo home remedies. This is very potent in reactivating melanocytes to bring back the lost skin pigment. Simply add honey to the grinded lemna and drink a teaspoon of it twice a day. Another way to obtain its valuable nutrients as one of the more effective vitiligo home remedies is by extracting the juice of the herb itself and apply it on the unwanted patches on your skin.

  1. St. John Wort extract

Another one of the most widely used vitiligo home remedies is the extract of the herb St. John Wort. This is done by boiling the leaves and the flowers of the said herb and filtering the raw parts from the juice extract. Drink the juice thrice a day every after meals or you may apply it as an ointment over the affected areas twice a day. Suck out all the benefits from vitiligo home remedies through this herb for about 4-6 months. Another way to prepare this herb is by mixing it with oregano, chamomile and calendula flowers. Take a teaspoon of the mixture and add hot water on it for you to sip twice a day while eating meals. This is said to increase the skin’s photosensitivity, which is a common problem for vitiligo patients.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba

People with vitiligo have a compromised immune system. Therefore, as one of the vitiligo home remedies, it is important to boost your immune system. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most natural herbs and is widely used for different ailments. It is said to prevent the progression of vitiligo plus it is also said to bring back pigmentation on the skin affected. In using Ginkgo Biloba as one of the vitiligo home remedies, you must drink its preparation as is since its oral form is said to be more effective than its topical form.

There are still a lot of herbs that you may use as vitiligo home remedies. As compared to the medicines and creams prescribed in a medical institution, these herbs are all natural and lack those preservatives or additional ingredients that may not be safe for use. Thus, side effects are generally out of the question for such natural vitiligo home remedies.

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Top 3 Treatments for Vitiligo

treatments for vitiligoVitiligo is a disorder that does not only attack the skin but the person’s self-esteem as well. Its most obvious sign is the formation of white patches on the skin that disrupt the even distribution of the person’s normal skin color, which often needs immediate treatments for vitiligo. It’s like a large stain on your perfectly white dress that you need to get rid of. When you have this stain, you would tend to shy away from the crowd. It’s the same with people contracting this disorder. No matter how willing they are to mingle with the crowd, they would always avoid the prying eyes of the people looking at them, which often prompts him them to seek help for treatments for vitiligo.

The cause of vitiligo is rather unknown. However, one widely accepted theory is vitiligo as an autoimmune disorder, wherein the immune system’s cells attack the normal cells of the body, including the melanocytes which are the main cells responsible for skin pigmentation. Loss of melanocytes in varying parts of the body would prompt the occurrence of white patches in the skin. Some would even have it on their face, which is the most exposed area of the body that other people would definitely notice. This does not generate good feelings at all when someone would notice part of your body that seems a little off the beat. That’s why treatments for vitiligo are essential to those who have this disorder. Here are the top three among lots of home remedies or natural treatments for vitiligo.

  1. Healthy Diet

Diet is indeed an essential part of all treatments for vitiligo and probably any other disorder. A balanced diet rich in nutritious and beneficial foods would not only strengthen your immune system, but would also prevent opportunistic bacteria from crossing the border of your healthy body. As one of the natural treatments for vitiligo, the person affected should enrich his or her diet with vegetables, particularly the bitter tasting ones as well as fruits and vegetables. Fruits rich in Vitamin C are essential for the skin revitalization, thus making them one of the best treatments for vitiligo.

  1. Psoralea seeds

This is one of home remedies that are also used in medical treatments for vitiligo. The seeds of this herb are one of the best natural treatments for vitiligo. Together with tamarind, it must be soaked in water for about four days. Afterwards, you’ll need to dry it and grind to form a paste. This paste shall be applied on the areas affected for about a month and you’ll see pigmentation back over the white patches once more.

  1. Radish Seeds

Another one of the best treatments for vitiligo is the radish seeds, which is known to stimulate melanin regeneration. Just add vinegar into the powdered seeds and mix it until you form a paste. Apply it over the skin for at least 6 months. As one of the more effective treatments for vitiligo, you’ll see how pigmented your skin has become.

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Easy, Effective Vitiligo Remedy

vitiligo remedyVitiligo is characterized by the white spots and patches on the skin. Hair on the affected areas can also turn gray or white. The condition is due to the abnormalities of the melanocytes, the cells that determine skin and hair pigmentation. High tech cures for Vitiligo like photo-therapy, UV therapy, melanocytes transplant and skin grafting are expensive. Luckily, one can find a natural Vitiligo remedy. Choose the easy and effective Vitiligo remedy for you and make sure that you accompany it with proper diet that will nourish your skin cells.

Vitiligo Remedy 1

If you have been looking for a Vitiligo remedy then you might have already heard about psoralen, which can be obtained from Psoralea corylifolia seeds, celery, parsley and figs. In fact, there are many commercial medications for Vitiligo that are heavily based on Psoralen but taking it in the natural way is also an option. It works like UV rays and darkens the skin.

Vitiligo Remedy 2

Ginger is also considered an effective treatment for Vitiligo. Prepare ginger juice and apply it on the affected area. The effects are not immediate but ginger juice was able to prevent the spread of white patches in many Vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo Remedy 3

Turmeric, a cousin of ginger, is also an effective natural Vitiligo remedy. It can be mixed with ground tamarind seed for better results.

Vitiligo Remedy 4

When everything in the kitchen fails, try coconut. Once claimed to be unhealthy then labeled as the miracle fruit, coconut – its flesh and juice – can help in treating a lot of illnesses including Vitiligo. Coconut oil has vitamin E that can bring back the health of skin and applying it twice a day is highly recommended for people suffering from Vitiligo. If there are commercial Vitiligo treatments with coconut oil base then opting for pure coconut oil may be the best option.

Vitiligo Remedy 5

If you believe in traditional medicines or folk medicines, there are plenty of them that were claimed to help Vitiligo patients around the world. There is the Indian Ayurveda wherein toxins and salts will be removed before herbs are taken by mouth. Chinese acupuncture was also claimed to treat Vitiligo. There are also various healing practices such as homeopathy, naturopathy, and hypnosis.

Vitiligo Remedy 6

You can consume more vitamin B if you want to treat Vitiligo. They are proven to nourish the skin and protect from the sun’s UV rays. Vitamin B can also promote repigmentation making its consumption count as an effective Vitiligo remedy.

Vitiligo Remedy 7

Some minerals can also do wonders on skin that’s suffering from Vitiligo. Some minerals that you should focus on are zinc, sulfur, silica and phosphorus. In fact, sunblocks with zinc is recommended to Vitiligo patients but having it inside the body for skin cells to consumer works as well.

The early stages of Vitiligo can be remedied without the use of pricey surgeries or therapies. They may not give fast results as surgeries and UV therapies but they do not have side effects either.

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Fast Treatment for Vitiligo

treatment for vitiligoThey say Vitiligo is difficult to cure. However, there are tons of treatments for Vitiligo that were introduced. Not all of them work but there are some that can really prevent the spread of the chalk white patches. Those who seek for fast treatment for Vitiligo can opt to rely on chemical or surgical treatments such as transplanting melanocytes, photochemotherapy, and skin grafting. Unfortunately, each fast treatment for Vitiligo costs a lot, and usually comes with harmful side effects. If it is out of your budget, you can opt to use a natural but fast treatment for Vitiligo. They may not be as fast as the transplants or skin grafting but they can also offer fast treatment for Vitiligo. More importantly, they are safe because they are natural.


Diet can help a lot if you are looking for a fast treatment for Vitiligo.

There are fruits that can aid treatment for Vitiligo. Some of them are apple, pear, pineapple, and berries such as raspberry. There are also lots of vegetables that can help a natural Vitiligo cure. Celery is a good example. It has psoralen that is known to capable of increasing the skin’s natural reaction sun’s UV rays. It can aid commercial sun blocks in protecting your skin. It is also a good substitute for oral psoralen therapy that is commonly recommended to Vitiligo patients.

On the contrary, there are also some foods and drinks that you should avoid when getting a treatment for Vitiligo such as coffee, carbonated beverages, and citrus fruits. Even milk, eggs and other poultry products are discouraged. Oily foods must also be avoided because they are not healthy for the skin.

Foods Turned Creams and Oils

Many illnesses can be treated at home with the use of something that is normally found in the kitchen. Surprisingly, foods when made into creams, paste, or solution can be a fast treatment for Vitiligo (although not as fast as phototherapy or UVB therapy).

For example, many home kitchens probably have ginger all the time. Did you know that you can boil ginger or crush it to get its extract to have a home-made treatment for Vitiligo? It can prevent further spread of Vitiligo so it is highly recommended during the early stage when patches are not yet big. It works faster when mixed with red clay.

You can also get a treatment for Vitiligo from garlic. It is excellent in treating a variety of skin diseases. Grind a clove of garlic and apply it on the affected area. It is also highly recommended that you increase consumption of garlic in your diet. Most people hate to eat garlic because it causes unpleasant smell in breath but an extra session of tooth brushing is worth the effects on Vitiligo.

Turmeric can be another treatment for Vitiligo. It contains substances that can help the melanocytes (skin cells) work properly again.


Indians claim that a good combination of natural foods can be a fast treatment for Vitiligo and other illnesses. If you can easily go to India, ayurvedic camps are easily found. The teachers will guide you in eliminating salt and toxins, using oils to purify the body, and utilizing heat for therapy. They also use organic herbs as part of the treatment for Vitiligo.

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Secrets to Treating Vitiligo in Days

treating vitiligoVitiligo is a chronic and presumed to be autoimmune disease. The disease is caused by malfunctioning or insufficient melanocytes, which are cells that are responsible for the skin and hair’s pigmentation, although the cause of malfunctioning is not yet known. Many experts believe that the melanocytes are attacked by the body’s own immune system. Hence, the categorization of Vitiligo into autoimmune diseases. Treating Vitiligo has been a challenge for a few people that suffer by having chalk-white patches on their skin.

Treating Vitiligo can be done naturally with the help of some items that you can find in most kitchens. For example, ginger or garlic can be applied on the Vitiligo affected skin. You can take a piece of ginger, grind it or boil it to get its extracts. Ginger tea is known for remedying throat problems but it has also shown effectiveness in treating Vitiligo by preventing the spread of white patches. The same effects are expected from garlic. You can take a clove of garlic, grind or crush it and apply the bits on the affected area. It may surprise many people that the secrets to treating Vitiligo are just in the kitchen.

In addition, treating Vitiligo using one of these home remedies must be accompanied by a healthy diet. Avoid foods that are rich in unhealthy oils like poultry products like eggs and milk as well as peanuts and cashew nuts. For some reasons, citrus foods are believed to be not so helpful in treating Vitiligo just like coffee and carbonated drinks. They can even worsen the condition. Skin experts also claim that fish is bad for Vitiligo patients and must be avoided when treating Vitiligo.

There are may be many foods and drinks that you should but there are a lot of delicious foods that are recommended to people are treating Vitiligo. You might need to say goodbye to citrus fruits when treating Vitiligo but you can still enjoy mangoes, apples, pears, grapes, and papayas. If you like nuts, you can switch to walnuts or pistachio. For vegetables, beans and bitter gourds are highly recommended. In fact, bitter gourd is said to be effective when made into juice and drank before any meal.

Carrots and spinach are also recommended to be included in meals. If you like to eat bread, rice or pasta, make sure that they are made from whole wheat or grain. They have fibers that are good for Vitiligo skins. As a rule in treating Vitiligo, bulk up on vitamin A and vitamin B. these is the vitamins that the skin cells need to stay healthy. You may also want to increase the intake of zinc when dealing with the condition because it is vital in collagen production.

On the other hand, what science and technology can do in treating Vitiligo is no secret. However, they are costly and usually have some risks or side effects making natural ways of treating Vitiligo the choice for many. With these natural remedies and proper diet, there are chances to prevent the spread of Vitiligo patches and can even open doors for re-pigmentation.

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3 Fast Cures for Vitiligo

cures for vitiligoVitiligo or leucoderma is a skin condition characterized by depigmentation. It can occur whether you have light or dark skin. It is noticeable to fair skin but more visible when the skin tone is dark so there’s no doubt why there is a continuous search for cures for Vitiligo. The exact cause is not yet known but experts consider it is an autoimmune disease wherein the immune system itself attacks the skin cells called melanocytes, which is the one responsible for skin pigmentation. When they die or no longer capable of functioning properly, Vitiligo can occur in various areas of the body like face, hands and arms. The hair in the affected area may also lose their color or turn gray.

There are many expensive cures for Vitiligo including UVB phototherapy, PUVA phototherapy and melanocytes transplant. However, there are many affordable or natural cures for Vitiligo that have worked for many patients. Here are three of them.

Foods and Drinks

Skin experts who observed and studies cases of Vitiligo believe that the foods and drinks that a person gets can determine whether the disease will spread or stop. They can supply nutrients and minerals that can cure or worsen the condition of melanocytes. Thus, some foods and drinks can also be cures for Vitiligo.

Some of the foods and drinks that you should avoid when Vitiligo starts to occur are fish, spices, citrus fruits, processed grain foods, artificially-colored drinks, and milk.

On the other hand, people who are looking for cures for Vitiligo are encouraged to have more fruits like banana, apple, mangoes, tomatoes, pineapple, papaya, pears and berries (e.g. blueberries and raspberries). Some vegetables also appear to qualify as natural cures for Vitiligo and help in repigmentation. Make sure that you include cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, and beans, which are considered natural cures for Vitiligo. You may also include button mushrooms in some meals. They can also help in repigmentation. Vitiligo patients should also strive to get whole grain foods including oats, rice, pasta and barley. They have lots of fibers and can give your body the necessary vitamins and minerals that are found in most commercial cures for Vitiligo. They can stop depigmentation and encourage repigmentation.

Natural Creams, Pastes and Juices

You can also turn some foods in to-apply cures for Vitiligo. For example, you can make garlic juice or radish paste and apply it to the affected area. For prevention, ginger juice has given hope for many people with Vitiligo. Turmeric mixed with mustard oil also makes one of the natural cures for Vitiligo.


Ginkgo or gingko is a type of plant that has disappeared in many parts of the world. However, a few of them were found in a small town in China where it is used as a traditional medicine for a variety of illnesses.

A study showed that ginkgo can be one of the best cures for Vitiligo that slowly spread. A daily dose of ginkgo is one of the fastest cures for Vitiligo. There are also chances for repigmentation but this is not guaranteed. In addition, one should consult a doctor before taking ginkgo especially when he or she is prescribed to take other commercial cures for Vitiligo or other conditions. It is the best way to ensure that there will be no harmful reactions.

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How to Treat Vitiligo Fast

how to treat vitiligoHaving vitiligo is no laughing matter. People affected with it do not only experience extreme symptoms of the disease but also the excessive attack on his self-worth. Even the late great Michael Jackson contracted this disorder. This only proves that whoever you are, you could never escape ailments that are bound to develop once you don’t take preventive measures for them.

Vitiligo is manifested by the large bilateral white patches that may sometime be accompanied by white hair as well. Treating it sometimes takes a lot of effort and time. However, as a quick solution for your patch dilemma, you can use any of the following ways on how to treat vitiligo.

  1. Psoralen

Psoralen herb is one of the best ways on how to treat vitiligo. It is even an ingredient in different pharmaceutical products concerned on how to treat vitiligo. When used, your sensitivity to sunlight would increase thereby making you susceptible to skin tanning. You may acquire it from the seeds of the psoralea corylifolia flowers. Use this in conjunction with an expert opinion to monitor and moderate your doses. In days’ time you’ll see great improvement over affected areas and witness the effectiveness of the herb on how to treat vitiligo.

  1. Use make-up

If you are supposed to attend a party and your patch is nowhere underneath the clothes that you are going to wear, you can actually apply make up over it to equalize the color within the surrounding skin. This may not be the usual answer to the question on how to treat vitiligo but it is really helpful as a quick fix for your skin problem. Just apply some brown make up over the white patches to make it appear just like how your normal skin appears.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba

Another way on how to treat vitiligo is with the intake of Ginkgo Biloba. It is some sort of a power aide that boosts your health by strengthening the immune system and preventing various types of infections from occurring in you body. You may have it in different forms; may be a capsule, liquid or topical form. However, Ginkgo Biloba, when taken orally, produces incomparable results, and would be like the answer given by heaven on how to treat vitiligo that you despise.

  1. Red Geranium Plant

This plant is another way on how to treat vitiligo which shall give you results in just a matter of 12-14 days. Just boil its roots and remove it afterwards, leaving its extract on the boiling pot. This extract must be used as mixture for your warm bath. Do this every night before you go to bed and you’ll be surprised on its potency on how to treat vitiligo.

A lot of home remedies and natural stuff are being presented as ways on how to treat vitiligo. However, people do have different reactions to these remedies so do not expect a single rule for all of them. Some may not work but most definitely there would be that natural cure that would be effective for you. Just try and try until you meet that one thing that would answer your question on how to treat vitiligo.

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